Time of Use (ToU) + Battery Storage Pilot

Dominion Energy customers who have a smart meter installed may take part in their new TOU pilot program starting in 2021. TOU rate plans are based on how much energy you use and what time of day you use it.

We are working with local solar installers to help you install battery storage and smart panels, with or without solar systems, so you can take control of your energy and take advantage of the TOU price rates. Learn More

Solarize Virginia

Solarize Virginia is a nonprofit, community-based outreach initiative that brings solar power to people in their homes and businesses in Virginia through our Solarize campaigns. Solarize Virginia is managed by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), a nonprofit providing energy efficiency services and renewable technologies to homes and businesses in Virginia. LEAP works in partnership with local governments and other supporters to run the Solarize campaigns.

So far, our Solarize campaigns have achieved over 500 solar power system installations and totaling over 4 MW of capacity. Below is a summary of the equivalent environmental impacts that our Solarize Virginia campaigns have achieved.

The benefits of the solarize campaigns include:

Our current solarize campaigns are:

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