Solar photovoltaic systems, on average, can cost between $10,000 – $25,000, and have an average payback period of 8-13 years. The cost of solar power depends on energy usage, on the number of panels installed, and whether your site is suitable for rooftop solar or ground-mounted solar. 

In addition to the campaign pricing noted below, home and business owners can access the 26% federal tax credit

Sample of Pricing for a 10kW Solar System

In 2020, the average size Solarize system was 10kW (10,000 watts). With the pricing noted above, a 10kW system with US-made panels and microinverters would be priced at $2.45 (the average per watt price for the state of Virginia is $3.01) for a total cost of $24,500. The 26% Federal Income Tax Credit will reduce that to $18,130.

A 10kW system will product between 600 and 1,300 kWh/month, or approximately 12,000 kWh/year. This level of production will save a household about $115/month (or $1,384/year).

Additional Charges May Apply for the Following (case-by-case)
  • Panels installed on more than 2 roof planes
  • Extensive/difficult cabling for on-line monitoring functionality
  • Tilt legs for roof mounted arrays
  • Electrical modifications to the existing service other than net-metered back fed breaker installation • Grid-tied Battery back-up power installation
  • Off-grid battery back-up power installation
  • Rocks in trenching line
  • Copper, slate, tile, or shake roofs
  • Line side tap (if needed)
  • Service shutdown (if needed)
  • Multiple string inverters
  • Extended inverter warranties
  • Non-standard color panels or frames
  • Premium panel upgrade