Getting the System that Best Fit Our Needs

solar-panels-roof“A couple years ago, I got inspired to see what it would take to have solar panels installed on the roof of our house in Falls Church, VA. I started looking into it, but just couldn’t find good information.

Fast forward to this spring, when we noticed a post about the Solarize NOVA campaign on our neighborhood listserv. Through Solarize NOVA, we were connected to a local installer who led us through the entire process. It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it would be!

After getting an idea of what we were looking for, the sales rep presented us with a few different system configurations, explained the pros and cons of each one, and answered all of our questions. He didn’t try to push the most expensive system, instead focusing on getting us the system that best fit our needs.

Within a couple months, the system was installed and fully operational and now offsets around 90% of our annual electricity demand. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.”

-Mark Lee and Neha Mehta

Going Solar was Quick and Easy

PanelsWhat made you decide to get solar power?  “Always thought it would be a good way to save money and reduce carbon footprint. Home is in ideal location for installation”

What was your experience working with LEAP? “Amazingly quick and easy.”

-Dave in Virginia

Going Solar in Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Residential-solar-customer“I saw an article in the Free-Lance Star about a meeting promoting Solarize Fredericksburg in which a LEAP representative summarized the benefits of solar systems. LEAP was very responsive when I requested an energy audit and confirmed that our new home in Spotsylvania might qualify for a solar system. The cost of our installation [through Solarize] was about $10,000 less than the cost of our previous solar system. We are very thankful for the benefits received due to the Solarize Fredericskburg project.”

-Mark and Mary Abernathy

Solar Success in Nelson County, Virginia

residential-solar-ground-mount“LEAP helped make the link with the solar contractors and educated the community by holding the workshops. They passed on a lot of great information. We also got an energy audit by LEAP. We completed the recommended items on the list. I think the most notable was the blown in insulation in the attic. This winter, the house was noticeably warmer! [Our installer] was professional and very interested in helping us understand our solar setup. They want the world to go solar too so we shared a common goal. The price with the tax credit was great. There have been electric bills that are just the fee from the company – no usage cost.”

-A Nelson County resident

Solar Helped Power House and Electric Car in Alexandria, Virginia

What made you decide to get solar power?
I purchased an electric car and noticed a large increase in my electric bill which I was looking to offset. Coincidentally, the Solarize program was in effect and I signed up for a home visit and checkup. Solar made a lot of sense at my house and with the incentives, rebates, and my lack of gas bills for the car, it made more sense than I realized, and brought my bill down to even lower than my pre-electric car days.

How long did it take to install?
The installation took a few days once everything was scheduled and permits were obtained. It was a pretty straightforward installation.

How has solar power affected your monthly bills?
My bills have gone down by about $40 per month, so in some months I don’t even receive a bill from the power company!

What was your experience working with LEAP?
LEAP was great! They were responsive, had great suggestions, and instilled in me that not only are the solar panels important, but reviewing a home’s energy usage to reduce waste is the best way to cut down on electricity requirements and reduce the size and cost of the solar panel system. This made sure I was happy with the end product and the investment was well spent.

Do you have any recommendations for people considering solar power?
It’s important to have a site visit and cost analysis done by your solar installer to make sure it will meet your needs. Ask a lot of questions and make sure you take the first step to reducing your energy usage before investing in the solar panels to maximize their benefit.

I would “go solar” again in a heartbeat. Once everything was up and running, it worked seamlessly, cut my bills, and I got to check in on the system any time I wanted to and see the production. It’s a great feeling to not have a high monthly energy bill any more! Owning an electric car allowed me to essentially drive for free, which was an added bonus too!

-Chris Lyon

Maximizing Energy-Efficiency with Solar in Fredericksburg, Virginia